At my office at South Calgary Family Chiropractic, the most common complaint I have from the female gender is sore feet.

It didn’t take me long to figure out why.

When I ask what they have been wearing all summer I am not shocked when they tell me $5 flip flops.

I know, pretty funny, eh.  I’m being sarcastic.

Really, it wouldn’t be so bad if the flat flip flops were only used for a week or something short term, but all summer and the feet are really going to feel it.

Foot beds Calgary

So, if you are going to buy some flip flops this year, get something with some support in them.  Your feet will thank you by not hurting at the end of summer.

Are you looking for support for your feet?  Perhaps you would like to inquire about custom orthotics for your feet.  Not only can they help your feet, but they could also help your knees, hips and low back too.

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