Most footwear are labeled into one of three categories.

  1. Neutral – high arches, supinators
  2. Stability – normal pronator, has some support
  3. Motion Control – severe over pronators, flat feet

Now, it is crucial that you get the appropriate footwear for your feet.  Most running stores have someone that can assess your feet.  Discount shoe stores, maybe not so much.

Or, have your feet assessed by a health professional such as a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or podiatrist.

Once you get the appropriate category of shoe to buy, the next step will be to see if the shoe bed/insole is good for you.  You see, manufacturers provide a general insole that supposedly fits most of the population.  Now, if you hare having problems such as foot pain, knee pain, hip pain or other running injuries, it may be the insole giving you the problem.

Running orthotics calgary

Your foot may require a custom orthotic for your feet.

Custom orthotics are just that… custom made for your feet.  After a biomechanical evaluation and cast is taken from your feet, a laboratory will make your custom orthotics.

Check here for different types of orthotics.

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