Why are these Custom Foot Orthotics so Afordable in Calgary?

I can imagine that other health care professionals: chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, pedorthists are going to get mad at me for posting low prices for custom orthotics.  But I am tired of paying for over priced health care products and you should be too.

Don’t get me wrong, these are high quality custom orthotics I am providing for my clients in Calgary.  In fact, other health care providers may be using the exact same company I am using right here in Calgary, but charge more.

I am not going to denounce anyone for what they think their time and product are worth, everyone has that right.

I am keeping my prices affordable while still delivering great service.


What you should expect!

The practitioner should:

  1. Take a history of the issue that is affecting your feet.
  2. Perform a detailed foot exam.
  3. Treat your foot if needed.
  4. Acquire a cast of your foot.
  5. Fit your orthotics.
  6. Give you instructions regarding initiating your orthotic use.

Calgary Custom Orthotic Prices

Calgary Orhotic Prices