How Are My Custom Orthotics Made?

Calgary Foot Orthotics – Fabrication

Foot Exam – Bio-mechanical foot and gait analysis

The bio-mechanical and gait analysis takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Here are the steps that you will do to help get custom foot orthotics in Calgary.

  1. You will search the internet for “Calgary Foot Orthotics” or some variation of that.
  2. You will decide if you want a chiropractor, physiotherapist, podiatrist, pedotist, chiropodist or other to prescribe and dispense the custom orthotics for you.  Now, I am a chiropractor and use a very reputable Canadian Company to fabricate your custom orthotics.  Note, some extended health insurance companies require a MD prescription.  Here are some questions to ask your extended health insurance provider regarding custom foot orthotics.
  3. Book a time at my Calgary Office by calling or online booking where we can examine your feet, gait and posture.
  4. If it is determined that one of the 52 joints is stuck or fixated, we can adjust that, too before moving to the next step.  Having an optimal functioning foot before taking a cast would be ideal.
  5. The next step is to take a 3D foam impression.  Note, some extended health insurance companies require a 3D mold and not just a foot scan.
  6. There are a variety of orthotics available.  Depending on the footwear you want your foot orthotic to go in, we will pick the right one. Get 2 Pairs of Custom Orthotics
  7. The results of your foot exam and foot impression are sent off to the lab where they take all the results to make your foot orthotics, unique to you.
  8. It takes 2 – 5 weeks and the orthotics will be back in my office ready for you to be fitted so you can be wearing them right away.


Your Action Steps To Custom Foot Orthotics

  1. Call my Calgary office for a no charge consultation OR for an appointment to get started on your custom foot orthotics.  The phone number is 403-455-9693.  I am a chiropractor and this is my office.
  2. Unable to make the call at the moment, but want to book online, click here.
  3. Do you have extended health insurance?  Find out if you are covered.  Ask these questions here.