The best way to find out if you are covered for custom orthotics through your Alberta Blue Cross is to call them.  However, here is a recent letter I received in the mail regarding Alberta Blue Cross coverage and custom foot orthotics, orthopedic shoes and surgical stockings.

Alberta Blue Cross and Orthotics

Alberta Blue Cross Orthotics

Submitting to Alberta Blue Cross

  • A completed claim form
  • An itemized receipt showing that payment was made in full
  • A copy of the written prescription and completed biomechanical assessment.
  • A completed fabrication form.

Getting Started

  • Call the office at 403-455-9693 to book an appointment for your foot and gait assessment
  • Click here for online booking.
  • Located in the South of Calgary on the corner of Southland Drive and Fairmount Dr. SE


How it works?

  • First, you make an appointment where 30 minutes is booked for your assessment.
  • There is a little paperwork to fill out before we begin.
  • In the meantime, you can take off your shoes and sock.
  • When your paperwork is finished, I’ll take you back to the exam room and get a history on any pain you might be having with regards to your feet, knees, hips and back.
  • I will perform a biomechanical assessment of your feet.
  • A molding will be taken of your feet.
  • The biomechanical findings and molding of your feet will be sent to a lab where they will fabricate your custom foot orthotics.
  • A 50% deposit will be taken at the time of this visit.  The remaining 50% will be collected when your orthotics arrive at the office and you come to pick them up.
  • When you come to pickup your custom foot orthotics, we will insert them into your footwear to ensure they will fit and we will go over some instructions for initial use.
  • Once payment is complete, you will receive a receipt showing full payment was make, you will get a copy of the biomechanical report (includes prescription and diagnosis) and fabrication form.  You will most likely need all these forms to complete your claim to Alberta Blue Cross.