7 Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics

The word orthotics comes from Greek word “ortho”, the literal meaning of which is to straighten or to align. In medicine, Orthotics refers to any device/tool applied to the exterior of the body so as to amend or adjust the skeletal system structurally and/or functionally.

Foot orthotics encompasses customized foot beds and inserts which are specifically designed so as to fit into the shoe beneath your feet and spread out the reaction forces exerted on the foot as you walk on the ground. The comfort that is typically associated with orthotics also comes from the fact that these inserts or foot beds align and support the joints especially when the subject is in motion such as during exercise, walking, jogging etc.

Research has proven that foot orthotics is a great help especially when it comes to people suffering from different defect or problems in their feet. Though initially used only by the athletes, foot orthotics quickly gained popularity among the common folk and now are widely used by people of all ages.

Orthotics are usually made using lightweight yet complex materials. They are highly beneficial not only for straightening the body posture and providing one comfort during motion but also for relieving various complex skeletal problems involving feet.

Some orthotics which are categorized as over the counter products are not thought of as the true orthotic devices. Reason being the fact that one size fits all rule is not valid when it comes to orthotics. The way same glove can’t fit all hands similarly one orthotic cannot be used by everyone. Custom foot orthotics are not only specially designed according to your foot shape and size but also address the specific problem that you are suffering from.

The 7 super benefits of wearing custom foot orthotics include:

  1. Stabilizing the joints

By aligning the joints in the foot and supporting the foot arch, foot orthotics help in stabilizing the joints. This also alleviates the joint pain and inflammation in the joints which are specially associated with old age or some specific diseases such as diabetes. In the long run, it helps you in movement and motion such as during walking or running.


  1. Prevention of Foot Deformities

The improvement in structure of foot can be brought about by using foot orthotics. In this regard it is commonly used by the people in their advanced years so as to prevent or acclimatize to the biomechanical deformities in the feet. This ultimately restores balance and support to whole body by aligning it.

  1. Ulcer Relief

In order to alter the rollover site, especially in people who suffer from ulcer, foot orthotics are highly beneficial. The use of orthotics can relieve pain and reduce the discomfort in the patients.

  1. Confine the Joint Movement

To reduce the pain and inflammation in the feet, it is often advised by various health providers that the motion of some joints in the ankle and foot be restricted. By using foot orthotics this can easily be realized and the foot can be restored to a balanced state.

  1. Wear and Tear support

It is necessary to provide support to the feet so as to minimize the wear that comes from the shock or stress on the feet and to reduce the tear which is associated with planar motion of the foot. Foot orthotics provides the essential support and assistance in this regard by ensuring that the foot is fitted well in the shoe.

  1. Support and Comfort for Patients suffering from Various Diseases

From Bunion to foot ulcers foot orthotics are useful in providing relief to patients suffering from many diseases. Foot orthotics has successfully been employed to help the patients of plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendonitis etc.

  1. Provision of Comfort form Surplus Pressure

If not properly supported, the foot areas which undergo extreme pressure can suffer from skin breakdown etc. Foot orthotics reposition the foot and provide comfort to zones which undergo high pressure.